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Hospital fined $500,000 for missing Oxycontin
Employee screening - first step in diversion prevention
Drug addiction in health care professionals
Research Medical Tower Pharmacy fined $10.4 million
Verification of Supplier's DEA Registration
Dealing with employee diversion
Boost patient confidence with good compliance procedures
Professional patients; how to foil the walk-in diverter
Find case studies from PRI's archives

Initial and Biennial Inventories

Measure your facility against industry benchmarks

7 elements of a compliance program

Completing DEA Form 106 after diversion occurs

Diversion; knowing what to look for

Most Abused Controlled Substances

State Regulation Updates

New DEA Fee Schedule

Quiz: Are you a regulation expert?

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Last Updated: Friday, December 1, 2016 - 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Today's News
8 reasons to review your controlled substances policy

Diversion of Oxycontin

Anesthesia Records Review; a step towards compliance

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DEA Form 41

DEA Form 106

DEA Form 225

DEA Form 250

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Biennial Inventories

Transfer Records

Perpetual Logs

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